The time has gone, too fast!

It seems like I was holding Claire (now my 3-year-old niece) yesterday. I find myself staring at her current picture and wonder where the time has gone.

I was talking to my best friend just a week ago, and we now find ourselves in conversations we never imaged possible. We can easily go [...]


這一刻沒能在你身邊,不知有多少的遺憾。 沒能和你說 “Congratulations, you are a mom!” 沒能和你說 ” Fly us to the moon again and see the whole city from roof top together” 沒能和你說 ” Don’t worry about the future, everything will be ok” 沒能和你說 ” 新年快樂, 要好好的過這一年” 很多時候,我在你人生中缺席,很過意不去。雖然你能諒解或是覺得不重要,但請相信這一刻在我心裡是有留下剎那的記憶。